Guest Bloggers Wanted

Calling all SF genre writers and bloggers:

My aim is to make this blog a great place to guest blog about your speculative fiction works, or just genres that you love. As for the specific topic or your post, that would be up to you. Write about what you like on your own terms. You can be as abstract or specific as you wish.


Your guest post must be genre-relevant. The themes of guest posts must be related to speculative fiction in some way. I’d love to see people writing about awesome things like steampunk heroines, intergalactic travel, space opera, urban fantasy, horror, robots, aliens, monsters–you name it.

How to Submit a Request to Post

Use the CONTACT ME form to send me an email with a brief introduction, your proposed topic and the date that you would like to post. You should expect a response from me within 3 days.

If you need to post to coincide with a book launch or other promo that you’re running on your own blog or website, do let me know so that we can schedule your guest post accordingly.

Questions or Suggestions?

Please post them in the comments below.


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