Popular Spec-Fic Genres I’ll Never Write


Zombies freak me out.

They’re icky. They’re gross—bodies rotting and falling to pieces, they probably stink to high heaven and they eat people. They. Eat. People.

They used to be people. Talk about a fate worse than death. When it comes to horrifying truths, Soylent Green’s got nothing on these dudes. And you get to stare that truth in the face. The disgusting, putrefying face.

You can’t ever seem to outrun them. Remember that time when zombies couldn’t run? Now Hollywood has them running, jumping and performing mind-boggling acrobatics to pin down prey.

They swarm cities in hoards and since zombie movies are like train wrecks that I just can’t look away from, I’d like to thank the following movies: Resident Evil, World War Z, Dawn of the Dead, and Shaun of the Dead, among others. Yes, thanks for the nightmares.

You’d think this would be an incentive to write zombie fiction, since phobias feed fiction. But no. Just no.


Not to be confused with animorphism—the ability to transform into animals, anthropomorphism is assigning human characteristics or behavior to deities, objects or animals.

A good example would be Olaf from Frozen.

I don’t hate the sub-genre. It’s been decades since I saw it but I remember liking Watership Down.

Plus, I’m a fan of anime which does feature quite a bit of anthropomorphism. I mean, have you seen Kill a Kill?! It’s ludicrous but I can’t totally hate it. Let’s not even talk about my love of One Piece.

I used to hate writing school essays about “My Life as a Pen” or “My Life as a Dog” etc., which is probably why I still just can’t jive with writing this particular sub-genre.

Religious Speculative Fiction

I’m not religious. I’ve tried being religious. I learned that at my core, I’m just not religious. Knowing that, it would be presumptuous of me to try to write about religion—unless I fictitiously invented one. That, I could do.

Fan Fiction

Can I even call fan fiction of “sub-genre” of fiction? In any case, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with writing fan fiction. I’ve read some damned good ones over the years. You do need to have a certain knack for writing fan fiction though. A knack I do not possess.

How About You?

Do you have any genres/sub-genres that you avoid? Or am I just being too narrow minded?


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