The Kugali Podcast

The Kugali Podcast  is an awesome podcast where Ziki, Obito, Demi and Tolu give an African perspective on the world of comics, video games, TV shows, anime and all things geeky.

Some time ago, I was on The Kugali Podcast. In that heavily anime/manga focused episode, we touched on the portrayal of women and black people in anime and manga.

(I sounded like a blathering idiot but these guys are great!)

Check out Kugali Podcast Episode 35: Spoilers!

The Latest Episode

The latest episode of The Kugali Podcast features Regine Sawyer, founder of Lockett Down Productions, her independent media company through which she has published a number of titles such as The Rippers, Eating Vampires and Ice Witch.

Regine is also one of the founders of Women in Comics, an initiative to promote women around the world working in comics particularly independents, they have hundreds of members across five different continents and are growing still.

Listen to The Episode

Read the Show Notes


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