Red Data Girl

Red Data Girl is the brain child of Noriko Ogiwara. The fantasy novel series was adapted into an anime which aired from April through June of 2013.

As the story goes, Izumiko Suzuhara is a 15-year-old girl who was raised at Tamakura Shrine, part of the Kumano Shrines World Heritage Site. She has the unfortunate disposition of destroying any electrical device that she comes into contact with.

Yearning to overcome her shyness, she chooses to try living in the city. She enrolls in a school in Tokyo, accompanied by yamabushi-in-training, Miyuki Sagara. As the story unfolds, she learns that she is a vessel for a certain deity and that Miyuki is her assigned protector

Red Data Girl is an understated and quietly rich body of work. The artwork is splendid and the characters are likeable. This is one of those series that I find myself going back to re-watch ever so often.


2 thoughts on “Red Data Girl”

    1. I’ve always though that the story was a bit small scale in comparison to the concept behind it… if that makes sense. I feel that they could have maybe done more with the story but at the same time I wonder if perhaps not, since I find it so endearing.

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