On the Brink – Cover Redesign

onthebrink_300I have uploaded a new cover for my ebook, On the Brink.

On the Brink is a humble little omnibus of my short science fiction, horror, and urban fiction.

Some of the stories included might have a familiar ring to them, as I have shared them on my blog and made them available as one-shot downloads previously.

This omnibus is more or less an introduction to my work for those who haven’t downloaded the one-shots or read the webfics posted on my site.

In the Stories

Two women with shadowy pasts gravitate towards each other.Ginger, an android, is dispatched to free the denizens of a smart-city gone mad.A spirit medium tries to pin down a ghost. Survivors of a spaceship accident land on different worlds.

A mermaid encounters land for the first time.A traveler meets a shapeshifter in a rural bar.An astronaut dreams in hypersleep.Space miners encounter a legendary asteroid.Sofie Tenna’s blood contract with the legendary vampire, Andromeda Five goes awry.An experimental pilot and her starship come under fire after picking up a distress signal from one of their kind.A primeval monster brings an urban nightmare to life. Far future witch meets earth deity.

The cover image has not updated in the various stores yet. I will update this post with links when it does.


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