Review: Apex Magazine, November 2016 Issue

issue90Each month, Apex Magazine serves up a delightful bounty of provocative stories and poems, as well as interviews and glorious cover art. The November 2016 issue, with cover art by Ania Tomicka, certainly follows this trend.

E. Catherine Tobler’s “Every Winter” is a haunting and consuming piece of work that grabs hold of you and begs to be devoured from beginning to end.

Onu-Okpara Chiamaka’s “When She Comes” presents Death personified in a most unexpected fashion. This story is weird, wonderful, and pregnant with tactile imagery.

Natalia Theodoridou gifts us with “The Island in the Attic” which fills you up with frenetic energy and wistful longing for something unnameable. It is the kind of story that you read lovingly, again and again.

Tade Thompson wrote “Rosewater,” a futuristic mind bender that somehow manages to keep it real and “Shadow,” which reads like a weird and wonderful folk tale. “Shadow” is the kind of awesomely eerie story that should be told late at night, preferably over a low campfire somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

In the vein of Ursula Le Guin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas,” Erica C. Satifka’s “After We Walked Away” is a brutal and captivating story that forces us to consider the implications of humans, with all our cruelty and imperfections, wishing for a perfect world.

The poems included in this issue are remarkable.

I loved Tiffany Midge’s robust and resplendent “Love’s Ideal Envisioned by a Satyr.”

John Paul Davies wrote “The Annual Scarecrow Festival” and captured the energy of the affair so wonderfully it made me think back to my childhood in Jamaica when the Junkanoo would parade at Christmas time.

Reading the November 2016 issue (Issue #90) of Apex Magazine was time well spent and I immediately signed up for a digital subscription after reading this issue.

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