The Shapeshifter’s Story

It recently occurred to me that shapeshifters of one kind or another tend to show up in my stories quite a lot. This realization came to me as a bit of a surprise because I’ve never really considered myself particularly enamored with or fascinated by shapeshifter lore.

The shapeshifter in Skin Dancing is something out of a nightmare.

Two women meet in a bar in the boondocks on a sweltering summer night. Each woman revels in the presence of a kindred spirit. They share laughs, stories, and an appreciation for a rare drink. The setup is ordinary but there’s something just a little off-kilter.

The younger woman has no idea what the older one has in store for her.

The night stretches on. The younger woman gets so drunk she can hardly even stand. She’s at the older woman’s mercy. The predatory one prepares to strike but something unexpected happens.

Fate intervenes. The younger woman escapes a fate worse than death.

Lucky her. Right?


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Short Story Status: Complete


A New Place to Read My Stories

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The following stories are ongoing:

Blood Binds


What if you could hop across dimensions? Would you spend fifty years slumming it in a backwater world where few believe in magic or even the multiverse? Would you befriend a vampire because he happens to be the doppelganger of your dead child? Helioselene is a wayfarer, descended from a clan of transdimensional nomads. Her stolen peace on earth is shattered by an attempt of her life, closely followed by the arrival of her estranged husband, Charls. He brings devastating news. Someone is killing wayfarers–Helioselene’s kin, to be precise.



Cassandra Baron is a god. She’s got the awesome powers to prove it. Too bad they can’t keep her out of trouble.

The Advent of Hegira


This is the SEQUEL to Slumfairy and Starchaser! In this story, Sumida is accompanied by the mercenary, Bex Atria and an alien named Klang. Her survival will depend on three things: dumb luck, Bex’s talent for weaseling out of a sticky situation and Klang’s penchant for secretly murdering anything that threatens the well-being of his beloved Bex.

Dorian’s Task


Dorian, wayward prince of Avanu, has a very important mission. He is transporting secret intelligence but can’t seem to remember to whom or why. Torrin, humble servant of Avanu, thinks that there’s more wrong with Dorian than being a little messed up in the head.